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We’re Team Otter.

Otter is a new iOS app that brings an instant sound sharing twist to social networking.

After creating an account, you can select your friends and communicate with funny Otters. There are over 50+ curated sounds to choose from that range from “I’m So Hungry” to “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That.” When you send an Otter, it will play out loud on your friend’s device.

Tips & Tricks

  • Otter lets you send sounds and phrases such as “I’m So Hungry” and “Bruh” to your friends and family.
  • Use it to quickly get someone’s attention, make plans, or convey a message.
  • Otters will only play if your device is on loud. Flip the Ring/Silent switch to mute or unmute the sound.
  • Otter works better with friends. Tap “+” to add a friend’s username. Friends that send you Otters will be automatically added to your list.

Who made this thing?

Otter was created and founded by Umair Ali, with a lot of help from Team Otter. Umair is Communication Technology student at the University of Texas at Arlington. His special power is creating tailored content with viral intent. In his spare time he produces music, designs cool stuff, and makes funny videos. He’s the man with a plan and has no problems writing a snippet about himself in the third person.

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